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Chalean Extreme Review | “Burn Fat 24/7” Circuit


After the breakthrough success of Turbo Jam, Beachbody again worked with Chalean to develop Chalean Extreme in 2009. The program focuses on building lean muscle to in turn continuously shed fat. The catch phrase” Burn fat 24/7, even when you’re sleeping” is based on the well-known premise that increasing metabolism burns calories even when the body is at rest.

The program includes a series of workouts broken out into 3 monthly phases: Burn, Push, and Lean. This “Lean Phasing” circuit-training approach will help you move beyond stubborn fitness plateaus and increase lean muscle mass.

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Chalean Extreme also dispels the myth that intense resistance training will cause you to “bulk up”, a concern for many women and one of the reasons they avoid weight training.  In reality, the program is designed to lower body fat percentage by replacing fat with lean muscle, not to create a bodybuilder physique.

While Chalean Extreme will not bulk you up, the program itself is massive — 7 DVDs, a training book, “Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook”, and a diet book,”Fat Burning Food Guide”. The package also comes with a Body Fat Tester, a Thigh Toner Band, Chalene’s Personal Motivational Audio CD and a “Healthy Eats” and Kitchen Makeover DVD.

The three circuit training phases:

  • Burn – 3 moderate weightlifting circuits to jump start the metabolism and tackle excess fat reserves while focusing on form and effectiveness
  • Push– 3 more difficult circuits of body part training incorporating weightlifting “beyond the comfort zone” to develop the muscle needed to burn fat
  • Lean – 3 dynamic and varied routines that work upper body, lower body and core simultaneously

Bonus DVDs for Bonus DVDs

  • Extreme Cardio– Heart pumping workouts: Burn Intervals, Burn It Off and Recharge
  • Core Power– Abdominal training workouts: Extreme Abs and Ab Burner

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