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Andrey Kostash

Andrey kostash The Body Builder

Andrey kostash the Bodybuilder

Does the first actual query arise about Andrey kostash, the ten years old young bodybuild that Who is? Howie’s well-known? What’s the secret at the back of the achievement of his existence? and so forth and, where is he gone? He correctly is aware that bodybuilding, powerlifting, road exercise, karate, artistic gymnastics broke the Ukrainian countrywide document for consecutive pushups with 4000 over 2 hours and 29 minutes. When we’re focused on getting to know what words mean and what we will and can’t put in our mouths, and he becomes smashing international information, lifter, bodybuilder.

At ten years old, schooling for the duration of a gymnasium hour each day, you will be surprised how brilliant this Andrey Kostash is, with martial arts and karate, and was
Skilled by himself, kicking, punching, etc., video credit subscribe and omg! What do consider where this form of a child comes from. You have to be wondering, Andrey was forced to grow into the most assertive child inside the international. However, that is not the truth.

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Thoughts and beliefs of Andrey Kostash

  • in keeping with the mind of Andrey kostash, exercise develops self-belief and energy. At six, he completed 3,000 pushups in a row (without a destroy).
  • This Ukrainian little is a complete system. Have you ever ever observed what number of sturdy humans come from international locations like Russia and Ukraine? It virtually isn’t only a coincidence.
  • He commenced schooling at the age of 5 because he thinks kids’ soccer and pals are overrated.
  • It lasted 2 hours and 29 minutes, and kostash wasn’t that inspired with himself with the aid of that number.
  • His private exceptional was toward 6,000. However, this local Ukrainian’s four,000 pushups were nevertheless successful in spoiling a replacement record.

Interview and youtube channel

There is one component not unusual truth in all sturdy human beings they have got a youtube channel. Right here is his youtube channel= click on right here.

(his words)


Andrey kostash was born on March 28, 2005. The official channel is dedicated to sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting, avenue workout, karate, artistic gymnastics) and therefore, the creative achievements, a laugh travels around the world, amusement and hobbies. The channel functions a variety of thrilling movies approximately my life-style, about training reception and competitions in diverse sports, filming in tv and film projects, about social and charitable occasions that I arrange and participate in. (this is oblique speech)

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Question About Andrey Kostash

  • Wherein is Andrey kostash now?
  • He is in Ukrainian, the country wherein he born
  • What occurred to him?
  • Nothing.
  • When did he start gym?
  • When was he just five(five) years old?

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