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INSANITY vs. INSANITY: The Asylum | From Beachbody Fitness Trainer Shaun T

INSANITY: The Asylum is an extreme 30-day sports-specific home fitness program based on training methods used by professional athletes. It is unusually challenging, physically demanding and not designed for beginners.

If you are a graduate of the original INSANITY, you are ready for INSANITY: The Asylum. You may also be prepared if you’ve completed P90X, Chalean Extreme, Turbo Fire or another advanced DVD fitness program.

Beachbody Fitness Trainer Shaun T. recently talked about the differences between INSANITY & the all new INSANITY: The Asylum.

Here are some key distinctions between the two programs

The original INSANITY focused on Max Interval Training (3 minutes of high-intensity followed by 30 seconds of rest). The Asylum is a progressive system with sports-inspired drills that will keep you engaged while improving power, form, and focus — progressively from day 1 to day 30.

INSANITY workouts utilize body weight only to provide resistance. The Asylum lets you add strength bands, weights and a pull up bar, depending on your fitness level and goals. The package comes with a Speed Rope and Agility Ladder.

INSANITY focused heavily on improving cardiovascular conditioning. The Asylum does the same but also hones in on improving power, balance, agility, strength, and coordination.

The Asylum includes an all new 14 Day Meal Plan that differs from the INSANITY diet in many ways, including allowing carbs. It can be used for two weeks or continued for the full 30-day program.

Shaun T. has called INSANITY: The Asylum the hardest strength workout he’s ever done. “You can’t practice all the time. You have to do at some point,” he says. The Asylum will improve your game and prepare you to perform at your peak.

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