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INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Workout Review

What is INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2?

Dubbed an “Elite Training Series” by Beachbody, ASYLUM Volume 2 builds on the sports performance foundation presented in Volume 1, with an additional 30 days of advanced sport-specific training techniques. These are the same methods utilized by pro athletes to build strength, get lean and maximize speed, coordination and agility.

In Volume 1, Shaun T. took us inside the “Athletic Matrix” with training designed to improve all areas of sports performance. Now, with Volume 2, Shaun takes our skills to the next level with 30 days of new extreme workouts.

ASYLUM Volume 2 utilizes dynamic multi-directional exercises to get your body in optimal shape. You’ll work every key performance muscle using a systematic, comprehensive approach to transform how your body looks and competes. ASYLUM Volume 2 is not just about being harder than other home workout programs — it’s about providing a comprehensive system to leave no weaknesses in your body.

ASYLUM Volume 2 changed into designed By Shaun T. And Dr. . . Marcus Elliot, a Harvard professional scientific physician focusing on performance enhancement and the improvement of elite athletes. Dr. Elliot has professional some of the sector’s first-class athletes together with those at the the Australian Institute of Sport, and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Should I try Volume 1 before starting Volume 2?

Yes, Asylum Volume 1 is the foundation and includes the Agility Ladder and Rope used in both volumes. The first 30 days of Asylum Volume 1 prepares you for Volume 2, where you’ll go from PRO to ELITE status. Combining 30 days of Volume 1 with 30 days of Volume 2 will give you the most comprehensive, extreme 60-day program possible.

What’s included in INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2?

7 New All-Star Workouts:

  •  X Trainer (50 mins): Challenge your pace, power, strength, and agility with this action sequence so that it will have you swimming in a pool of sweat.
  •  Upper Elite (60 minutes): Develop a advanced upper body with Shaun’s dynamic training sets—intimidating your combatants earlier than the game even begins.
  • Ab Shredder (20 minutes): Leave your complete frame trembling with this ab-torching exercising. No sit down-united statesor crunches—just the insane shred moves of pro athletes.Power Legs (55 minutes): Gain an elite competitive edge by punishing your entire lower body with this maximum muscle-recruitment workout.
  • Back & 6-Pack (40 mins): Build a lean, robust center with this 360-diploma workoutThese core-crushing actions will help you blow beyond your limits.
  • Championship + Bonus! (60 minutes):Fit Test (Sudden Death OT). Get geared up to pursue THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Championship. And this time, get placed to the Fit Test at the END!
  • Off-Day Stretch (30 minutes): Relieve your aching muscles, improve your flexibility, and refocus your mind—so you’re ready to crush it in your next competition.

Agility Tutorial (25 minutes): Get a step-by using-step breakdown of Shaun’s 8 mind-twisting agility actions, so that you’ll be a seasoned while it comes time to hop within the ladder.

Game-Changing Tools:o

  • The Playbook. Map out your next 30 days of first-rate frame transformation with this step-via-step clever manual.
  • Get Shredded Volume 2. Don’t simply educate elite. EAT ELITE. Here’s greater of what you cherished about THE ASYLUM Volume 1 mealplanner—Shaun’s favored recipes.
  • 3-Step Quick-Start Guide. This will have you ever jumping from your seat to Push Play. It’s the quickest manner to enroll in Shaun T and the relaxation of Team ASYLUM.
  • Additional Tools to accelerate your development:
  • 30-day THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Wall Calendar. Stay committed to seeing exquisite outcomes with the aid of crossing off each day’s workout as you circulate.
  • 60-day THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 Hybrid Calendar. Double your championship efforts with this 60-day time table of THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 exercise exercises.• 24/7 Online Access. Chat with Shaun T and a motivating on line community dedicated to helping you obtain excellence.Mara
  • The Beachbody no questions asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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